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Southern Arizona Lodging & Resort Association




  • Have a minimum tenure of 1 year at a member property.
  • Have a mentoring commitment from the General Manager.
    • General Manager or Immediate Supervisor (with GM approval) agrees to nurture the recipient’s career by exposing him/her to all aspects of a hotel environment and cooperating in class scheduling
    • General Manager will bring recipient to 1 SALARA luncheon every semester.
  • Students must interview with a member of the Board of Directors to be considered for eligibility. The information gathered during the interview process will then be shared with the Board for approval.
  • The student must have an educational plan with a curriculum aimed at receiving a college degree from Pima Community College or Northern Arizona University in the hospitality field. The educational plan must be submitted during the interview. This plan must come from a counselor at either Pima Community College or Northern Arizona University. The plan must include the current hours achieved with grades and those necessary for degree completion.
  • Approval into the program will be based on the student’s financial need. This need will be qualified based on questions asked during the interview.
  • Only one person from the property may be in the program at any given time.

Guidelines for Students

  • Must be a student of NAU or PCC in the hospitality program.
  • Must continue working at a SALARA member property.
  • A signed letter of agreement from the General Manager or Immediate Supervisor that they will mentor the student.
  • Must work at least 20 hours per week.
  • Must have a 3.0 or better GPA
  • Reimbursement is only for tuition and books
  • Students will be required to attend and participate in all SALARA fund-raising events.
  • Annual Progress reports from the student’s mentor to be submitted to the board for review. The student is responsible to make sure the board receives this report yearly.
  • The student must present a brief overview of his/her educational experience to the attendees at a luncheon every semester.
  • After completing classes, books should be donated back to SALARA through Armando Trujillo. He will keep track of books and help distribute to the next student.
  • Students who choose to skip a semester must submit a letter to the Board or be subject to disqualification.

Application Process – Each Application Must Include The Following

  • A letter of nomination from the General Manager with an introduction of the candidate and a commitment from the General Manager to provide mentoring to the candidate.
  • A resume of qualifications from the candidate.
  • A letter from the candidate requesting consideration for the scholarship and discussing his/her educational goals. This letter should also tell the committee why this candidate should be chosen for the scholarship.


There is no deadline to apply for this scholarship. Once the application is received by the SALARA office it will be reviewed by the committee and/or the SALARA Board of Directors. The applicant will be notified of acceptance within 30 days.

Other Information

Recipients of the scholarship will be required to submit proof of grades to the SALARA office at the end of each semester before scholarship will be renewed.

SALARA scholarship program criteria 

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