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Industry News

American Hotels see Gain of REVPAR of 6%-8%.  Go to:

Hotel News Now reports that hotel revPAR is up 14.5% weekly.  Go to:

Hotel News is Top Consumer Complaint –

Courtesy of Metropolitan Tucson CVB – Special thanks to Mayor Rothschild for his leadership in building relationships in Mexico to increase opportunities for trade and tourism …

Fostering trade and tourism relations with Mexico

Inside Tucson Business
Mayor Rothschild, along with Maricela Solis, the business advocate in his office, and Felipe Garcia, executive vice president of the Metropolitan Tucson …

And speaking of Mexico, a new TV show hosted and produced by the MTCVB for Mexican viewers showcases Tucson area shopping, dining and attractions venues …

Tucson Visitor’s Bureau launches TV show in Mexico to attract tourists

KVOA Tucson News

“We found out that every time we have a food item, it’s very popular,” said Felipe Garcia, the Vice President for the Tucson Visitor’s Bureau.

City of Tucson Mayor Rothschild, Council Member Steve Kozachik and Metro Tucson Chamber of Commerce CEO Mike Varney join MTCVB’s Shelli Hall in efforts to revive the film incentive legislation …

Arizona Daily Star
Last year, Tucson earned $8.9 million from the film industry and Hall said that could grow exponentially if an incentive was in place. Tucson …

Finally, congratulations to our friends at the Pima Air & Space Museum for this piece highlighting unique opportunities in our own backyard …
Air & Space Smithsonian
Pima Air & Space Museum Tucson Arizona This last-of-its-kind bomber was a little known but very successful long range patrol aircraft During World War II the …


The travel industry added 9,200 new American jobs in July bringing the total direct employment to 7,596,400. This increase is the highest increase in four months. According to David Huether, senior vice president of economics and research at the U.S. Travel Association, since the employment recovery began, travel has contributed 7.2 percent of overall job growth since early 2012 by creating nearly 287,300 new jobs. “The travel industry’s job growth continues to outpace the growth of the rest of the economy in employment recovery,” Huether said. The U.S. Labor Department reports the unemployment rate of the country remained at 8.3 percent in July. (, Aug. 5)


According to TripAdvisor, room discounts are the most popular incentive used by hotel operators to lure guests. A TripAdvisor survey of more than 25,000 hotel owners and managers in North America found that discounted rooms were offered by 58 percent of U.S. hotels, 63 percent in Mexico and 53 percent in Canada. The next most popular incentive was “special amenities,” naming free Wi-Fi as an example. Only 14 percent of U.S. hotels offered a free night’s stay, though it was 34 percent in Canada. Other incentives offered by U.S. hotels included free parking (31 percent) and free newspapers (20 percent). (, Aug. 5)


Michael McCormick, executive director of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), was recently interviewed by theBoston Globe regarding the recession’s effects on business travel. McCormick believes business travel spending will return to prerecession levels by the end of this year. McCormick said that GBTA expects business travel to grow in the United States by 2.2 percent this year, which is a decrease from the original forecast of 3.6 percent and believed to have been caused by Europe’s latest struggles. He said that when the economy hit rock bottom in 2008, companies overreacted and cut more than they should have. Now what McCormick has seen is an understanding of the importance of putting people out on the road. When asked about videoconferencing predicted effects on business travel, McCormick said people are still social beings; people want to meet and look across the table at the person that ultimately you’re doing business with. Click here for the complete interview. (, Aug. 5)

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